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Custom aluminum fabricator and manufacturer of aluminum profile structures.  Suppliers of custom/standard t-slotted aluminum profiles, extrusions, aluminum hardware components.  Manufacturers of industrial safety guarding, OSHA yellow machine guarding, perimeter guarding, display/message bulletin boards, tag boards, presentation boards, salon equipment, industrial enclosures, CMM enclosures, and environmental enclosures. Industrial aluminum carts and storage-tree carts for material handling and storage/utility, industrial cabinets, tool storage cabinets, industrial part storage cabinets. Custom fabrication of industrial workstations, assembly stations/tables, inspection stations/tables, gaging stations, test stands, industrial computer workstations. CAD drawing downloads are available for many models. EAF is an authorized Fath Components distributor. Custom metal fabrication, CNC machining, milling, turning, water-jet cutting, laser cutting services, tube forming, tube bending, and packaging and crating services available.