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Gaging/Gauge Stations

Custom Aluminum Gaging/Gauge Station Specialists

EAF Inc. custom designs and fabricates Gaging/Gauge Stations and customized products for flexible manufacturing cells.


Model No. 101947

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In Line Gage Station

Custom Modular T-Slotted Aluminum Gage Station was designed for the operator to gage automotive components as they pass through on the conveyor

Custom Features:

  • Custom machined gaging tooling display boards ergonomically tilted at 15° for ease of operator
  • Special lighting configuration to illuminate the gage part. Two trays to support electronics gaging equipment


Model No. 101490

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Portable Gauge Station

Custom Features:

  • Enclosed Polycarbonate Tabletop for ease of view in an industrial environment
  • Steel drawer unit
  • Bottom shelf for CPU storage & printer
  • Locking swivel casters for ease of movement
  • liding doors for ease of access to gage components.



Model No. 101829

Modular T-Slotted Aluminum Gauge Station

Custom Features:

  • Enclosed back and top with pin cushion board for securing IQC documentation
  • Overhead lighting
  • respa® Tabletop
  • Surge Suppressor Multi-outlets
  • Nylon Machine Storage Trays
  • Storage Tool Drawer
  • CPU Holder Suspended Under the Table

Model No. 101308

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Portable Gaging Station

Custom Features:

  • Custom Input/Output enclosure for Hand Gage Interface with CPU
  • Steel Drawer for Tooling Storage
  • ortable gaging station with 6" dia. casters for ease of movement
  • Designed for Industrial Work Environment for On-Sight Checking at Point-of-Use.



Model No. 100294

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Hooded Gage Table

Standard Features:

  • Size: 30"W x 48"L x 87"H
  • Gray Sintra® Hood with 36" Fluorescent Light
  • Outlet Electrical Box with Switch
  • (Pull Out Lazy Susan 9750 lbs. capacity)
  • Tilted Gage Display Board
  • .5" Thick maple Butcher Block Top

Custom Features: Consult EAF Technical Support team for a Variety of Assorted Color panel Material. Excellent for Securing Gage Equipment

Options: Motorized Flexible Vertical Door, Constructed from Banded Aluminum Anodized Strips or Rollup Industrial Fabric



Model No. 100309

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Gage Stations

Custom Features:

  • Size: 36"W x 60"L x 36"H
  • 80 x 40 Modular T-Slotted Aluminum Profile Frame
  • Heavy Duty 6" Casters with Lock
  • Double Steel Drawers with Steel Bearing Rollers and Locking Tabs
  • -1/2" Thick Hardwood Maple Top
  • Notched Top for Special Gauge Mounting
  • HMW Rest Pad


Model No. 102596

Download PDF Drawing

Gage Bench with Lazy Susan

Custom Features:

  • Custom Blue HPDE Machined for Gages and Tooling
  • Made for Tru-Way Design & Engineering


Model No. 102525

Download PDF Drawing

Gage Bench with Tool Holder

Custom Features:

  • Perforated Back Drop to Secure Tools
  • Butcher Block Hard Maple Top


Model No. 103341

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Portable Gage Stations

Custom Features:

  • Size: 36"W x 60"L x 36"H
  • 1,600 lbs. Maximum Capacity
  • Heavy Duty 6" Casters with Locks
  • Double Steel Drawers with Steel Bearing Rollers and Locking Tabs
  • -1/2" Thick Hardwood Maple Top
  • 19" Rack Mount Surge Suppressor









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